A stunning back alley in Melbourne
the crown casino hotel lobby in melbounre
bridge of spies
the rusty old river bridge
Melbourne birds
the 12 apostles on great ocean road, Melbourne
controlled burning in Victoria 
burning of land in Simpson, Victoria 
cheap fuel before the great crash of 2022
fire road
father and son time
catch of the day
parrots in lorne victoria
corn fed parrots
the great ocean road
surfing down there
Wilsons prom in Victoria 
views toward Mornington peninsula
views Victoria 
paradise islands
Alfa Romeo hire cars
burn line in Wilsons prom
beady eyed gull
seeing the beach through the trees
Wilsons prom toward Melbourne 
paradise beach
sandy shores
sandy climb
surfing time
the victorian bush
my emu
little joey
feeding joeys
what you looking at?
stand to attention roo
a very decorated joey
bush roo's
a peaceful roo
you look tired
the same emu! 
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